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The Innovative Approach to Sustainable Shopping Bags

In the realm of sustainability, Anya Hindmarch has fervently championed the cause of reducing plastic bag usage. The Universal Bag project, a collaborative venture with select supermarkets since 2021, stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to this mission. Unveiling this July in Hong Kong, the exclusive Anya Hindmarch x city’super edition of the Universal Bag represents a fresh generation of shopping to cater to urbanites. This avant-garde bag amalgamates style, reusability, and eco-friendliness into a single, enticing package.



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Design and Sustainability at its Core

In this groundbreaking partnership, city’super proudly joins hands with Anya Hindmarch to introduce an exclusive version of the Universal Bag, aimed at curbing single-use plastic and promoting eco-conscious shopping practices. Available from July 15, 2022, at city’super’s prominent locations including Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall, and New Town Plaza, this bag sports a friendly smiley face, making each shopping expedition a delightful affair.

Built to endure rigorous use, the Universal Bag is backed by a remarkable 10-year warranty, encouraging repeated utilization. What sets it apart is its construction from 100% recycled materials and the innovative inclusion of a freepost returns pouch within an internal pocket. Once your shopping is done, conveniently fold the bag into this pouch, which doubles as a pre-addressed envelope. Drop it into the nearest letterbox, and it will be 100% recycled within the local ecosystem.

For those yearning for more exclusivity, keep an eye out for the upcoming Ayna Hindmarch x city’super Nan Fung AIRSIDE Universal Bag in 2023, available exclusively at the city’super AIRSIDE store. Stay tuned for this exciting release!


Where can I purchase the Universal Bag? The exclusive edition of the Anya Hindmarch x city’super Universal Bag will be on sale from July 15 at the following city’super physical outlets:

  • Times Square store Address: Times Square Basement 1, Causeway Bay
  • Harbour City store Address: Gateway Arcade Level 3, Shop 3001, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui
  • ifc mall store Address: ifc mall Level 1, Shops 1041-1049, Central
  • New Town Plaza store Address: New Town Plaza 1 Level 2, Shops 204-214, Shatin

How can I recycle the Universal Bag? Recycling the Universal Bag is a breeze, thanks to its ingenious returns pouch integrated into the design. Simply fold your bag neatly into the pouch and dispatch it through the nearest postbox using the printed Freepost address. This pouch guarantees contamination-free recycling and ensures that it gets recycled entirely within the local recycling infrastructure.

Can I request a refund or exchange if the bag is faulty? The Universal Bag redefines the durability of shopping bags and is rigorously designed to last a decade. With proper care, it is covered by a 10-year warranty. Should you encounter any issues with your bag post-purchase, return it to the store where you bought it within seven days of the purchase date for a hassle-free replacement or a full refund. To take advantage of the 10-year guarantee, please follow the guidelines on the bag and utilize the Freepost envelope, including your name and return address. This guarantee applies solely to faulty bags.

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H:1.5" x W: 2.75" x D: 3.0"




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