The Universal Bag | Morrisons X Anya Hindmarch

A Sustainable Shopping Revolution by Anya Hindmarch

Tesco and Morrisons have joined forces with Anya Hindmarch in unveiling a groundbreaking initiative—The Universal Bag. This collaboration signifies a significant step towards fashion-forward, eco-conscious shopping, setting a new standard in sustainability while you shop.

Conceived by the visionary designer Anya Hindmarch and brought to life by the Solent Group, The Universal Bag ushers in the era of the next-gen reusable bag. It’s more than a mere shopping accessory; it’s a statement of style and conscientious living. This bag is desirable, built to endure, reusable, crafted from 100% recycled materials, and fully recyclable. It’s designed with everyone in mind, to accompany you everywhere, for every purpose.





Unveiling the Morrisons Universal Bag

The upcoming Morrisons Universal Bag in a cheerful yellow hue is poised to grace the shelves of 400 stores nationwide, starting in mid-September. A testament to sustainability, this bag retains the affordability and accessibility that defines the Universal Bag project.

Like its counterparts, the Morrisons Universal Bag is constructed entirely from 100% recycled plastic, with each component and production step bearing the coveted certification of the Global Recycling Scheme (GRS). This hallmark guarantees that this bag is a true product of recycling—a vital step towards a sustainable future.

Beyond its environmental merits, each Universal Bag is fortified to withstand a decade of use, undergoing rigorous durability testing. An innovative feature sets it apart—a convenient freepost returns pocket discreetly tucked inside the bag. By effortlessly converting the bag into its built-in pocket, which also functions as a pre-addressed envelope, you can seamlessly dispatch it through a letterbox, ensuring a 100% local recycling journey.

But the Universal Bag is more than just practical and durable; it’s designed to make a statement. By crafting a bag that customers are not only proud to be seen with but also motivated to cherish and reuse, it offers a potent solution to one of the most persistent issues surrounding shopping bags.

In tandem with major global food retailers, the Universal Bag endeavors to instigate tangible transformations within the industry. Despite the passing of time, nearly half a billion single-use plastic bags were still sold between 2021 and 2022, and the conventional ‘bag for life’ has fallen short of being the environmental panacea we had envisioned.

Since the inception of The Universal Bag project, the collective effort has rescued over 150 tonnes of virgin plastic from languishing in landfills. To put this in perspective, it’s equivalent to saving more than 12 London double-decker buses from the same fate.

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H:1.5" x W: 2.75" x D: 3.0"




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