The Universal Bag | Tesco X Anya Hindmarch

The Availability and Global Fervor

The Tesco variant, adorned with the brand’s signature blue and red hues, has already graced the shelves of 250 stores nationwide since July. Meanwhile, the Morrisons edition, resplendent in the classic orange and green Morrisons color palette, is slated to arrive in mid-September, extending its presence to over 400 stores across the country.

These exclusive supermarket bags are not just commodities; they’re sought-after treasures. Demand has surged to such an extent that people are willing to pay considerably more for this newfound symbol of exclusivity.

In fact, the allure of these bags has transcended geographical boundaries, capturing the attention of individuals worldwide who eagerly anticipate their release and acquisition. Comments on Anya Hindmarch’s Instagram post showcase the global appeal, with one enthusiast from the Caribbean expressing, “These bags are amazing! I live in the Caribbean, and so many people ask me where I picked it up. They are perfect.”




A Collaboration with Tesco

Anya Hindmarch, renowned for her exquisite luxury accessories and a reputation for crafting some of the finest tote bags, continues to expand her Universal Bag collection. This time, she’s entered into a partnership with two of the United Kingdom’s most beloved supermarket chains, Tesco and Morrisons, to introduce an elegant rendition of her Universal Tote Bag.

These totes stand as paragons of reusability, fashioned entirely from 100% recycled materials. If you’re inclined towards sustainability, they align perfectly with your eco-conscious aspirations—much like the ever-stylish Princess Catherine. In a noteworthy achievement, the Universal Bag project, orchestrated by the brand, has steered more than 150 tonnes of virgin plastic away from landfills, a quantity equivalent to the weight of over 12 London double-decker buses.

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H:1.5" x W: 2.75" x D: 3.0"




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